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About Us

Dear customer!

Marketplace allows you to concentrate on your pages versatile product in a rich size range. What is special about online store? In that products are directly supplied from the garment factories, production, design studio, bypassing the chain of intermediaries. The product means cheaper, and the range is wider. The presented products in the catalog can be bought at retail at a competitive price.

Cooperation with the online store will have a positive impact on your budget and will bring a lot of joy, because we have:

low prices, because we do not need to include in the price of the goods the amount of the rental of the premises, mark-ups, salaries to sellers and other expenses;
clothes of all sizes: botal, norm, on miniature girls;
quality products from leading manufacturers;
loyal pricing, seasonal discounts, loyalty program provided to regular customers;
delivery is carried out by any transport company or courier to the choice of the customer;
expeditious processing and preparation for sending the order;
The catalog selected the most trendy models for children and adults;
We assist in the selection of size.
Our online store meets all standards of European service, we strive to give pleasant and positive emotions to our customers. Honesty and openness to you, our dear customers, are the company's main priorities. We will always listen carefully to suggestions regarding the improvement of services, desired goods, and just words of gratitude for our work.

1. You will not have to wait for a set minimum repurchase amount (your order will be sent to the supplier within three days from the moment it was received by our managers and will arrive in 7-14 days. The increase in delivery time may be related solely to the operation of the transport company)

2. Prices on our website are final! (The change in the value of the goods is possible only in the direction of reduction, due to the holding of shares and sales)

3. No prepayment !!! (You pay for your goods upon receipt)

4. Free shipping (for orders over $ 40)

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