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Summer suit Available sizes: from 122 to 152
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Being sporty is fashionable! Especially in such a bright sweatshirt and comfortable trousers. The costume is made of soft cotton footer. Fabric perfectly absorbs moisture, warms and maintains optimal heat transfer. A milky white sweatshirt with an attractive print blends harmoniously with coral cuffs, collar and hem. Pants with a comfortable fit are complemented by pockets with a leaflet and the Lucky Child logo. A wide belt of trousers gently fits the abdomen and does not squeeze the skin. The suit does not require special care and is resistant to creasing. Lucky Child tracksuits are designed for active days and the most interesting adventures.
Age 7-8 years
Manufacturing country China
Growth 122-128
Composition 100% cotton
Child sex for girls
Appointment for every day
for Sport,
for physical education
Footer material
Spring-Summer Season
Collection year 2019
Spring 2019 collection
Brand Country China
Sport brand collection

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