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Sports suit

Available sizes: 122,128,134,140,146,152
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The suit made of soft cotton fleece is perfect for sports and daily walks. The sweatshirt with a comfortable collar is made in a calm, milky-white color with bright details and a topical print. The places most prone to contamination - the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom of the product - are made in dark blue. For trousers, a non-dark blue color is also chosen so that you do not have to worry about random spots. Light green lace on the belt and a noticeable logo are harmoniously combined with the print of the sweatshirt. A wide belt of trousers gently fits the baby’s belly and does not squeeze the skin. Lucky Child tracksuits are designed for active days and the most interesting adventures.
5-6 years old
Manufacturing country China
Height 110-116
Composition 100% cotton
Child sex for boys
Appointment for every day
for Sport,
to a kindergarten,
for physical education
Footer material
Spring-Summer Season
Collection year 2019
Spring 2019 collection
Brand Country China
Sport brand collection

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