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Small elegant handbag
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Leather women bag, small shape, she is always with you! And on a trip, on a walk, in the store and in the car will always be at your fingertips. Despite its relatively small size, it is quite roomy, it will fit everything you need, combining functionality with a neat, miniature size. Deep, noble colors, simplicity and conciseness of form, good quality natural leather will give you aesthetic pleasure, a sense of comfort and confidence for many years. And we assure you, with it you will not be left without attention!

The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, one compartment, is closed with a leather flap, on the portfolio lock installed on it. All surfaces and sections are treated with professional protective compounds.

Author handmade, painted by us in red. Red is the color of happiness, very expressive and emotional ... a color that attracts attention, gives a woman self-sufficiency, self-esteem and confidence.

We create all products from genuine leather with a thickness of 2.7 -3.5 mm., From the skins of the 1st grade of special dressing, the leather keeps its shape very well, has excellent appearance and quality indicators, we use Italian accessories, the country has a manufacturer on it is indicated, all staining is made independently by professional Italian and Spanish dyes, we use special strength English threads, all surfaces and sections are processed by professional protective Spanish compounds.

Each of our work is packaged in a stylish - textile package (with the logo of the Workshop on a brand label made of genuine leather) for storage, which can also act as a self-contained gift wrap.

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